Mary's Mannequin


Quality can’t be forged. We aim at delivering outstanding designs and unsurpassed convenient shopping. Mary’s Mannequin works relentlessly to give customers the most compelling shopping experience possible.

Mary’s Mannequin is an upscale clothing shop targeting the whole family with quality unique clothes.

Mary has been privileged to travel to a number of countries overseas looking for suppliers and has encountered amazing designs, learnt international customer service that has inspired us to open online store to improve efficiency. Our website ensures that your shopping experience with us is flawless and convenient.

Mary’s Mannequin will be importing from best designers in Turkey, then Europe and the Americas in the long run.


Why name our company Mary’s Mannequin? We have noted when walking around malls that Mannequins are always dressed in a way that captures your attention. This is exactly what we want, for all our customers to draw attention by their unique, quality clothes which they would have bought from Mary’s Mannequin.

As much as there are lots of replicators out there, no matter how full your wardrobe is, as a business we learnt – QUALITY CAN NOT BE FORGED.

Quality always speaks for itself and stands out!

This is why we now have Mary’s Mannequin so that we can give you and your family that touch of class and elegance that you deserve!

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